About 7 Owl Dojo Women Self Defense



Experience women’s-only workouts at Seven Owl Dojo. 7 Owl Dojo is a Martial Arts school in Charlotte, North Carolina. On Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 pm to 7 pm, the Dojo offers self-defense workouts based on the proven principles of the Japanese martial art of ju-jitsu.  This course is a continuing workout series, allowing the member to gain core physical fitness while learning how to defend herself in a nurturing environment.

Including aerobic exercise with validated combat-training techniques, this course is designed to allow the participant to gain the necessary skills to successfully win a confrontation.  Training is constructed to expose students to the total realm of any unwanted encounter, starting with the non-verbal clues that precede most acts of violence.

Besides the two weekly courses, participants in the Women’s Warrior Workouts are encouraged to attend the Dojo Member’s Workout held every weekend.  The Dojo Member’s Workout is designed to increase the individual student’s knowledge of techniques while encouraging friendship between students of the different martial arts in the Dojo.



Want to join a group of like-minded women that are serious about self-defense?  The LadySafe Society meets each first Saturday of every month from 2 pm to 4 pm and Sat from 10 am to noon. The group is sponsored and hosted by Seven Owl Dojo, located at 401 E. 35th Street, Charlotte, NC

LadySafe Society’s only requirement is that you are a female that is concerned with her well-being.  There are no dues; participants are responsible for their own workout clothes for each monthly seminar.  The physical intensity level will vary from light to medium, depending upon the goal of each individual participant.

Monthly seminar topics will focus on current self-defense needs within the Carolinas area.  Topics will include (but not be limited to) attack response, keychain baton defense, pre-attack cues recognition, the art of using the verbal alternative to a confrontation, and other topics that are applicable to successfully ending a street-level confrontation. 


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LadySafe Society’s coordinators are Ed Byers, a veteran of 31 years of federal law enforcement and national/international counter-terrorism activities and Samantha Byers, a state-certified law enforcement officer with the Waxhaw Police Department.  Instructors will include the talented staff of Seven Owl Dojo and inspiring guest subject-matter experts.

     call    704 650-2235    for more info